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Over 30 YEARS of machine designing and building
makes Jonsen Sander the
Specialist on Deburring, Grinding, and Finishing technologies

Hangzhou Xiangsheng Abrasive Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd (known as Jonsen Sander)'s HQ is located in the beautiful city of Hangzhou, China, about 2 hours driving distance from Shanghai with a 130,000 ft2 manufacturing facility.

AME Distribution Inc. is a subsidiary company of Jonsen Sander, serving North American markets.


Jonsen Sander was founded and established in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China in year 1993 by Mr. Xiangsheng (Jonsen) Chen. Jonsen Sander started out as a small abrasive belt production workshop. While fully immersing himself into the business, Mr. Xiangsheng (Jonsen) Chen soon realized the market’s lack of wide abrasive belt machine supplier at the time. Back in the day, almost all of the machines were imported overseas and extremely expensive. People could rarely afford them. Therefore in year 1997, Jonsen Sander expanded its business scope and shift the focus into the machine business.

Jonsen AME.jpg

AME Distribution Inc.

Jonsen Sander has been fully committed to the industry of metal surface treatment equipment ever since. The applications include but not limited to surface finishing, deburring, edge rounding, de-slagging, precise grinding, and stock removal. Jonsen Sander is always passionate in innovations. The end goal has never changed since day one: making the machines simple, robust, efficient, and easy hand-on. Hence Jonsen Sander is very heavily oriented in R&D. It has obtained over 30 invention patents, and in total over 100 patents.


With such rich background and accumulation of experience over the years, Jonsen Sander has gained a vast amount of professional knowledge and practical experience in dealing with all kinds of different applications. In year 2015, Jonsen Sander was nominated and eventually became an honorable founding member, and standard making unit of Chinese National Metal Surface Treatment Equipment Association. Over 20 industrial standards were drawn up and published by Jonsen Sander.


Jonsen Sander’s machines are on active services across industries all over the world: metal fabrications, constructional machineries, farming machineries, national defense, aerospace, rail transit, medical equipment, automobiles, kitchenware, mining equipment, rare special metal mills, and etc. Over the years, we have provided over 10,000 industrial solutions to our customers, and there are over 300 different machine models we have designed and manufactured.


Our slogan: Professionalism We Do!

Jonsen factory overview
Jonsen deburring edge rounding machine showroom
Jonsen factory view
Jonsen factory corner 1
Jonsen deburring machine
Jonsen factory corner 2
Jonsen factory storage floor
Jonsen abrasive consumables
Jonsen factory manufacturing

Jonsen Sander's HQ

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